Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to become a millionaire by the Age of 30

Seems like a fantasy, doesn't it? To be honest, this taboo needs to be broken down- we all at least need to be driven to become a rich. Yes, not all are ambitious enough. But, think about this- what if this very thought or process makes you a millionaire? here the way How to become a millionaire by the Age of 30.

Following are 8 steps you can adapt to become a multi- millionaire:

Start following your money

Yes, money comes and goes no matter how rich you get. However, you've got to keep track of your expenses, make sure that every penny you spend is spent for all the right reasons. My income back in 2013 was $3,000. Once I started following my money, it became $20,000! Once you start the following the money, it'll drive you to control revenues and look out for better opportunities.

Don't be like other humans

You've got to stop showing off your income if you want to reach someplace good in life. Remember, the more you flaunt, the more you've got to keep making up to the level you've reached- buy fancy cars, wear expensive suits to work and more. Back then, I used to drive my Ford Figo in spite of being a millionaire. At the end of the day, it's about the work ethics more than about the trinkets you buy every now and then!

Give it your everything

Money does not see time, holidays and more. Sometimes, it's good to be like money. Work with immense passion, be proactive, always. For instance, you can buy a Multi-millionaires email list and get in touch with the rich to become rich by selling status- oriented products or tell them about your business so that they can invest in your venture and more! 

Savings are not just about keeping it aside

it's about investing!- There's a reason why fixed deposits and secured accounts are used by several millionaires- to make sure it builds up to be used as an investment. Forget that money for a while, even if it's an emergency! No matter how rich you become, this habit will take you far. In fact, even today, I'm broke just twice each year because I always keep keeping my money aside for future ventures. 

Avoid debts which have little or no profits

For instance, take this- the only reason why I bought myself a car was because I would save more. Usually, most people will take loans because they cannot save and want to opt for ventures which make them poor. As a matter of fact, poor humans use debts to buy things which make rich people get richer.

Don't ignore money; karma shall hit you hard!

There are millions out there who wish for financial freedom but not many have made it their priority to become millionaires. You've got to prioritize your goals if you want to become one of the richest men ever! And, money is something which does not stay until that person values it- it'll run to all those who value it and deserve it. So, beware!

Don't be poor, shoot up for the best

It sucks to be poor- your priority in life becomes survival by begging, borrowing or stealing! Don't die poor, it's the biggest mistake you can ever make. So, shoot up for $10 million, not $1 million! The higher your target, the higher the likelihood is for you to go up and up!

Get a millionaire who can mentor you

A question arises here- how exactly can you do so? The answer's simple­- by signing up for a multi- millionaires email list. This list shall give you utmost access to each millionaire out there- know their backstory, meet them for a couple of coffees and bond with them to end up with one wonderful mentor. At the end of the day, an experienced person can take you someplace more easily than you yourself.

It's hard, so hard to achieve your financial dreams but, in the long run, it's going to bring in financial independence on your part. Make the most out of greed this way and act smart, think ethical and never back down!

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