Thursday, 22 June 2017

Is content marketing the new branding?

The answer won't come to you so soon- it's my job to prove to you it's essence.

However, here's a question- what is branding to you? Is it your company name? Or, your tag line or, logo?

Global Data Brokers Branding

As a matter of fact, it's another name for creating perception.

Several marketers will will question their teams with regard to how exactly market the product or, build the brand?

But, we at marketers need to re- frame this question- It should sound like how exactly they want their audiences to feel or perceive about the product once it's into the market!

Let's get to the point- A brand is as important, as promising as a promise. It's all about an expectation of an experience.

Yes, it's true that the logo, the colors, the tag line exist in audiences minds- it's just an experience to all our minds.

Brands will face several kinds of scenarios, expectations, etc.- They might rise or, have a short fall or, over- achieve their perceptions!

For instance, take Volvo, we associate the brand with sturdiness, safety, etc. That defines a brand- the Experiences!

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The essence of every brand lies within it's meaning- words definitely matter. Yes, the aesthetic finish is important but, the words definitely matter.

Volvo, as brand is a constant stream of reviews given by customers that are published time and again, year in and out- that defines each brand!

Content is currency?

Content is definitely currency- it's something we trade in exchange for our audiences' attention. This currency increases it's value every time shared and read by all. 

However, at the end of the day, the authentic ways work in a quicker fashion, especially- content marketing with regard to email marketing campaigns.

Especially, if your organization is new, it's hard to achieve what was mentioned above- you need to develop brand awareness, loyalty and so on to ensure your brand to reach that level. So, 2 things can happen here- either, you can buy email list or, you can opt for email appending services by appending brands like Appending Companies and fix your mailing database.

As a matter of fact, no matter how new or old your brand is, 'No comment is a failure.' 

The moment your brand creates qualitative content, user- centric content, all's going to go your way.

In the end, answering my question- well, it's definitely the new for of branding! New but, hard and time consuming.