Thursday, 27 April 2017

5 lessons followed by millionaires- Look beyond dollars and cents

Not all are born with a silver spoon!

Building wealth ain't no cakewalk- it needs the right mindset, preparations, conditions, and spirit!

Discipline, values, beliefs, mindsets need to be at positive pace before anything else. Imagine this- you do not believe in saving but, want to become a millionaire- that, to be honest, is never going to happen unless you win a lottery!

So, here are 5 most essential wealth- building lessons followed by millionaires:

1. Follow the basics

From the latest findings of the US Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth Survey, as much as 89% of high net worth investors have climbed the ladder of success all because of investment gains, shares, stocks, bonds and more. It's a very old yet, spot- on strategy as it's slow, steady yet, consists of immense risk! Around 83% have been seen successful opting for this one lesson.

2. Parenting

A major factor- Values inculcated within us by our parents, our family is what makes us. An ugly childhood may lead to an ugly life and vice- versa! A positive family environment plays a major role while setting the foundation. Qualities like trust, calmness, rationalism and more are inculcated better in childhood than the older part of life. 

Financial discipline too helps as, that's how as children, they learn the importance of money. A logical, sound investor always knows where and how much of his money is consumed. In fact, while parenting, parents should reward their kids for saving money, let them know that it matters!

3. Start saving when you're young!

This is the logic- you save early, you have more money and, more control over it as well! This money can be saved either from the monthly pocket- money or, by making money by completing small tasks and more. Start your investing journey at your earliest and save up on time and money.

4. Prioritization

If only you prioritize, you'll know what you truly want when, where and how! Prioritization contributes to quality strategization, achievement of those goals and more. Also, these goals will define your lifestyle and your personal priorities as well.

5. Buy multi- millionaires email list

You might be reading this blog, being very old, probably not valuing your parent's values back then. It's fine. Which is why, multi- millionaires email list can help you rise above all the mistakes you made once. Buy email list and you'll exactly know your target audience.

Why multi- millionaires email list?

You'll be able to target the rich- people who can spend on anything and everything! 

Be the most aspiring millionaire by choosing this stairway to success. Yes, values, beliefs, habits matter. Work on them- if you feel it's too late, it's okay! You have alternatives. 

Remember, it;s never too late.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to Find The Time to Train Your Pet

Right now, it's 9:00 PM, it's a Saturday night.

Things are a lot more smooth than the weekdays.

There are books by the bedside, my laptop's balanced on my knees.

Still, I choose to snuggle with my Labrador, Soho under the covers rather than, training him!

how to train pet owners

It's not the first time when I've had the time to dog- train Soho- it's just that I've never got enough energy to do so. With the daily errands I've got to run, my assignments, job, cleaning everyday's mess and more, I don't seem to have enough time to take Soho out to train him all by myself.

Yes, I choose to see a kitten 'meow' all the way but not train Soho. 

Which is why, here are 2 hacks which shall help you train your pet, if you're on the same boat as me!

We're running out of time but, let's make it work?

1. Just like other tasks, make training a part of your everyday routine.

Pets learn real quick if only, there's concerted effort all the way. Pet training is not just about sit- down- stay! It's a lot more than that. For instance, Soho always has to shut the cabinet where his meals are kept- I trained him each day, making sure that he does that task all by himself until his last breath! 

Or, take this- giving out mails to people in the family. For that, your pet has to be aware of each member's name, face and more. 

Or, sitting on their mats or, just house- watching- it's a very time consuming process but, imagine it's outcome- a very resourceful pet!

You can always make the process get a little more quick by just giving treats whenever the goal has been accomplished- like, cleaning his own mess, welcoming visitors in a friendly manner and more.

2. This one's apt for businesses- buy pet owner's email list

Home remedies are great but, not the best! And, as home makes or people who rely upon “Google” it's hard to find a good dog trainer. Which is why, businesses can buy pet owners email list wherein, all information about pet owners shall be giving. That's how they'll get in touch with you and viola! You'll have a great dog trainer.

Let's be honest- randomly opting for a dog trainer, for instance, is a bad idea than someone approaching you as you'll have a guarantee here that your pet is in good hands and that he's safe!

You can definitely find yourself a dog trainer or choose to go for the home remedies but, here's the thing- this email list will only be opted for by good companies and their work is very proactive and quality- oriented!

Your turn: Let me know how you find time to train your pet! I would love to know more tricks and tips you've got in your head!


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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How To Find A Multi- Millionaire

A question pops up here- do you want to find multi- millionaires for personal or professional reasons? 

Let's diverge a little- why even find a multi-millionaire? Well, if it were me, I would find them just to interview them- ask them questions like how they got rich, their pathway to success, about their personal lives and more. However, different people have different requirements.However, for all- people who are looking forward to getting in touch with multi- millionaires, you've ought to buy multi- millionaires email list.

how to find a millionaire

Again, getting back to the question asked, why even find multi- millionaires?

If it's for personal reasons like dating them or, anything of that such, there are online websites wherein, multi- millionaires find dates for themselves, just like another dating site but, with richer people trying to connect. Sites like, and more are a few examples. It's humorous to know about such sites but, millionaires are active there! All they need to do is, check out profiles which they're attracted to, get in touch with them and viola! A date is fixed for them. 

Fun to check out prospect dates, ain't it?

But, what if, you've got professional, official reasons to get in touch with millionaires? That's when marketers come into the picture. Now, how do they get in touch with millionaires? Yes, they do have websites with details but, getting in touch directly and getting in touch via a website are 2 different things. Which is why, millionaires email list becomes essential. Buy this email list which shall consist of contact details, requirements of the millionaire, gender, postal address and more about each billionaire!

For people who are truly serious about their businesses, it's a great tool for you. Because, at the end of the day, it's all about the database you own- the more high-quality database you own, the higher results it'll yield you.

Let's get serious- who can provide with the best multi- millionaires email list?

Data Brokers like Global Data Brokers are great at what they do. They supply efficient, quality databases which is just what all companies need today. This database shall bring in:
  • high ROI
  • great customer engagement
  • Brand loyalty
  • Customized marketing and more
  • It's affordable and not at all time consuming for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Find a multi- millionaire or more than one- date him or, do business with him, it's all upto you!


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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A few theories which may help you know why your dog rolls in smelly things

All of us have different perceptions with regard to different things, odors and more. What you may find stinky, might be smelling like roses for your dog. However, what you find “yuck!” may not be the same for your cute little pup!

pet owners email list

So, here are a few theories which may help you know why your dog rolls in smelly things- 

Take this, for instance- your dog hates something you always apply on him, thinking it smells wonderful- it's the dog shampoo, the fragrances in it. For us, perfumes control odour.

Probably, for dogs, brushing themselves against trash is fragrance!
Maybe, that's why, dogs roll into poop or garbage the moment they're out of what you can a lavish bath.

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Believe it or not, dogs or any other pet for that matter find happiness in rolling on poop or anything 'dirty.' 

Probably, they're in search of their prey or, meat which they can feed on. Because, don't forget animal carcasses stink and a lot of dogs love it! They have a past, just like us.

What can dog owners and businesses in association with pets do about this behavior?

Accept this- your pet is going to roll on smelly things because that's what probably smells good to it. That's what you've got to do in the first place as a dog owner. Now, as a business owner in this industry, it's essential for you to buy pet owners email list. This way, you can make every pet owner's life simpler. You can make use of it in several ways like for seminars, training purposes, services and more!

Also, as a pet owner, treat your pet like your baby. Do not punish him or make him feel guilty for what he's done. However, you can discourage it- for instance, if your dog rolls on garbage, clean him up then and there! Pets too sense such feelings- let them know how you feel. At the end of the day, you're all family. As a business owner, with the help of pet owners email list, you can provide prospect clients with just what they need- be it odour control services or, a vaccination service and more! 

Breathe easier now as your dog is probably going to understand you well via your gestures.


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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to become a millionaire by the Age of 30

Seems like a fantasy, doesn't it? To be honest, this taboo needs to be broken down- we all at least need to be driven to become a rich. Yes, not all are ambitious enough. But, think about this- what if this very thought or process makes you a millionaire? here the way How to become a millionaire by the Age of 30.

Following are 8 steps you can adapt to become a multi- millionaire:

Start following your money

Yes, money comes and goes no matter how rich you get. However, you've got to keep track of your expenses, make sure that every penny you spend is spent for all the right reasons. My income back in 2013 was $3,000. Once I started following my money, it became $20,000! Once you start the following the money, it'll drive you to control revenues and look out for better opportunities.

Don't be like other humans

You've got to stop showing off your income if you want to reach someplace good in life. Remember, the more you flaunt, the more you've got to keep making up to the level you've reached- buy fancy cars, wear expensive suits to work and more. Back then, I used to drive my Ford Figo in spite of being a millionaire. At the end of the day, it's about the work ethics more than about the trinkets you buy every now and then!

Give it your everything

Money does not see time, holidays and more. Sometimes, it's good to be like money. Work with immense passion, be proactive, always. For instance, you can buy a Multi-millionaires email list and get in touch with the rich to become rich by selling status- oriented products or tell them about your business so that they can invest in your venture and more! 

Savings are not just about keeping it aside

it's about investing!- There's a reason why fixed deposits and secured accounts are used by several millionaires- to make sure it builds up to be used as an investment. Forget that money for a while, even if it's an emergency! No matter how rich you become, this habit will take you far. In fact, even today, I'm broke just twice each year because I always keep keeping my money aside for future ventures. 

Avoid debts which have little or no profits

For instance, take this- the only reason why I bought myself a car was because I would save more. Usually, most people will take loans because they cannot save and want to opt for ventures which make them poor. As a matter of fact, poor humans use debts to buy things which make rich people get richer.

Don't ignore money; karma shall hit you hard!

There are millions out there who wish for financial freedom but not many have made it their priority to become millionaires. You've got to prioritize your goals if you want to become one of the richest men ever! And, money is something which does not stay until that person values it- it'll run to all those who value it and deserve it. So, beware!

Don't be poor, shoot up for the best

It sucks to be poor- your priority in life becomes survival by begging, borrowing or stealing! Don't die poor, it's the biggest mistake you can ever make. So, shoot up for $10 million, not $1 million! The higher your target, the higher the likelihood is for you to go up and up!

Get a millionaire who can mentor you

A question arises here- how exactly can you do so? The answer's simple­- by signing up for a multi- millionaires email list. This list shall give you utmost access to each millionaire out there- know their backstory, meet them for a couple of coffees and bond with them to end up with one wonderful mentor. At the end of the day, an experienced person can take you someplace more easily than you yourself.

It's hard, so hard to achieve your financial dreams but, in the long run, it's going to bring in financial independence on your part. Make the most out of greed this way and act smart, think ethical and never back down!