Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to Find The Time to Train Your Pet

Right now, it's 9:00 PM, it's a Saturday night.

Things are a lot more smooth than the weekdays.

There are books by the bedside, my laptop's balanced on my knees.

Still, I choose to snuggle with my Labrador, Soho under the covers rather than, training him!

how to train pet owners

It's not the first time when I've had the time to dog- train Soho- it's just that I've never got enough energy to do so. With the daily errands I've got to run, my assignments, job, cleaning everyday's mess and more, I don't seem to have enough time to take Soho out to train him all by myself.

Yes, I choose to see a kitten 'meow' all the way but not train Soho. 

Which is why, here are 2 hacks which shall help you train your pet, if you're on the same boat as me!

We're running out of time but, let's make it work?

1. Just like other tasks, make training a part of your everyday routine.

Pets learn real quick if only, there's concerted effort all the way. Pet training is not just about sit- down- stay! It's a lot more than that. For instance, Soho always has to shut the cabinet where his meals are kept- I trained him each day, making sure that he does that task all by himself until his last breath! 

Or, take this- giving out mails to people in the family. For that, your pet has to be aware of each member's name, face and more. 

Or, sitting on their mats or, just house- watching- it's a very time consuming process but, imagine it's outcome- a very resourceful pet!

You can always make the process get a little more quick by just giving treats whenever the goal has been accomplished- like, cleaning his own mess, welcoming visitors in a friendly manner and more.

2. This one's apt for businesses- buy pet owner's email list

Home remedies are great but, not the best! And, as home makes or people who rely upon “Google” it's hard to find a good dog trainer. Which is why, businesses can buy pet owners email list wherein, all information about pet owners shall be giving. That's how they'll get in touch with you and viola! You'll have a great dog trainer.

Let's be honest- randomly opting for a dog trainer, for instance, is a bad idea than someone approaching you as you'll have a guarantee here that your pet is in good hands and that he's safe!

You can definitely find yourself a dog trainer or choose to go for the home remedies but, here's the thing- this email list will only be opted for by good companies and their work is very proactive and quality- oriented!

Your turn: Let me know how you find time to train your pet! I would love to know more tricks and tips you've got in your head!


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