Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A few theories which may help you know why your dog rolls in smelly things

All of us have different perceptions with regard to different things, odors and more. What you may find stinky, might be smelling like roses for your dog. However, what you find “yuck!” may not be the same for your cute little pup!

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So, here are a few theories which may help you know why your dog rolls in smelly things- 

Take this, for instance- your dog hates something you always apply on him, thinking it smells wonderful- it's the dog shampoo, the fragrances in it. For us, perfumes control odour.

Probably, for dogs, brushing themselves against trash is fragrance!
Maybe, that's why, dogs roll into poop or garbage the moment they're out of what you can a lavish bath.

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Believe it or not, dogs or any other pet for that matter find happiness in rolling on poop or anything 'dirty.' 

Probably, they're in search of their prey or, meat which they can feed on. Because, don't forget animal carcasses stink and a lot of dogs love it! They have a past, just like us.

What can dog owners and businesses in association with pets do about this behavior?

Accept this- your pet is going to roll on smelly things because that's what probably smells good to it. That's what you've got to do in the first place as a dog owner. Now, as a business owner in this industry, it's essential for you to buy pet owners email list. This way, you can make every pet owner's life simpler. You can make use of it in several ways like for seminars, training purposes, services and more!

Also, as a pet owner, treat your pet like your baby. Do not punish him or make him feel guilty for what he's done. However, you can discourage it- for instance, if your dog rolls on garbage, clean him up then and there! Pets too sense such feelings- let them know how you feel. At the end of the day, you're all family. As a business owner, with the help of pet owners email list, you can provide prospect clients with just what they need- be it odour control services or, a vaccination service and more! 

Breathe easier now as your dog is probably going to understand you well via your gestures.


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