Wednesday, 10 May 2017

What are buyers looking for in an apparel brand?

Ah, that 'For Sale' board hanging in front of all the brand outlets- feels good, right?

The very thought of a sale makes us all happy. Because, as it's said, human psychology does the trick!

There are several selling points any customer looks for in any apparel brand except for the sale tag! Yes, several brands do put up sales all the time but, is it really worth your money?

Start off with Baby Steps- There are so many baby steps you need to look out for while you think from the buyer's perspective. The first thing they see, for instance, is the Logo! Design the logo with the help of designers- be it color analysis, design analysis, shape analysis, take help. It plays a huge role- later on, who knows, your apparel may be sold out only because of the logo!

Comfort + Creativity- the Key- It's a good thing to presume the fact what you design and like is what people outside too will like! Remember, passion is all it takes to help you get lucky. Be it men's tees or, skin- fit tops, you've got to be extremely creative about the color choice, design, pattern, fabric and more. Also, depending upon your target audience, go for the fabric as well- Nobody will buy a woolen sweater if it's a tropical zone, you see.

Quality- Quality- Quality- For you, as an apparel brand owner, your aim must be to make sure people enjoy your clothing. In the long run, people are going to buy your t- shirts looking at the comfort, not at the tight fittings and discomfort irrespective of the prices!

Change your trend each year, not style- Remember, people come to your store solely because they love your style, your approach to clothing, not because of any other reason! Your style defines your brand, it's name, design, everything. Strengthen your base, do enough experiments, if required and see the difference!

Focus upon what makes you different- Fixate your buyers to your designs so much that they never forget it! Go for apparel designs which are you are inspired by- the moment you put your heart in something, it surely is going to get recognized!

Customer services, a must!- Why do we love Dominos even though it makes us fat? Yes, because of the taste, the brand loyalty but most importantly, they way they treat you! The more you care about your customer feed backs, their needs, etc., the more your brand shall grow- guaranteed! Because at the end of the day, they're the crux of your company- the sales matter, you know.

Be consistent, build a culture around your apparel- If you keep changing your style, etc., your customers from the previous years may or may not stay! Your aim must be to change with the trend but, build a culture around your brand such that your style does not die out ever! In fact, once, I was passing by a Bohemian inspired apparel brand- although they were going with the trend, their style was just the same- that was 10 years ago, when they begun and, today too!

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If you're willing to give your everything, you'll figure a way out! It's all about letting the world know what you think they can love just the way you do! Give away all your passion for your apparel brand and see it be immortal.


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