Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Get Quick Tips to Improve Your Website’s Performance

It is not important that every marketing success comes from a big campaign. There are instances when you have a budget crunch and when you’re a non-profit operating entity, big campaigns is not always an advisable option. Many at times, it’s the little tweaks that can play a vital role in yielding good results. So today we’re going to discuss three most important areas where you can make some quick changes that can boost your ROI and kick off strong change. 
SEO Strategies
SEO Strategies 
1) Improve and maximize your SEO strategies
You have set a clear SEO strategy based on your research and behavior of your prospects and have also identified the most pressing questions and concerns. Not only this, you’ve laid out what words and phrases they’re using to look for information. But is it being executed as the way you thought? Every single page on your website and each blog post must be optimized around a ‘single’ keyword or phrase that your audience is searching for on search engines. Excessive keyword density can dilute the organic power of your main keyword.

If your company isn’t blogging yet, get started as early as possible. A blog is the constant storehouse of fresh data, SEO-focused content that will help search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to drive traffic to your organization’s online presence. 

Continually keep a track of unyielding pages that aren’t attracting as much traffic as anticipated. Try to improve them by focusing on a current, high performing keyword. You can also optimize your high traffic pages and posts (as and when needed). Every element should be optimized because many people overlook optimizing their images for SEO. For instance, image’s filename to its alt text and title text to its loading time, everything should be optimized.

If there is an overall drop in organic traffic or your place in search results, it is high time for a more extensive review of your keyword strategy.

2) Leverage more ways to convert visitors
Inbound marketing is a constant journey where every element constitutes to play a significant role. There are many website visitors who aren’t prepared to make any sort of commitment or engagement to your organization just yet. That doesn’t imply you can’t get them into your database.  You can identify one of your free resources (high value) and make it gated content. It could be something like a report that will add value to their business. No matter what the topic is, it should be of sufficient interest and value to your target audience/ prospects that they’ll happily subscribe their email address to get regular updates. It is the starting point of an active relationship between your organization and your prospect (that could be a potential lead) that enables you both to learn more about each other.

The CTA should be ideally placed throughout your website and blog because it provides a ‘low-stress entry point’ for people who are still just looking for information and are not ready to make any commitment. 

3) Time to be mobile friendly 
Your mobile site can’t only be smaller version of your primary website. It is needless to say, visitors mobile search is gaining quick momentum and the experience is very different from a desktop version. It is not just important but absolutely necessary to optimize your organization’s mobile experience to capture and convert mobile traffic.

Make use of responsive templates so your website design works on mobile screens. Mobile visitors will see less with a first view than on your desktop site, so it is necessary to make sure that first impression clearly communicates about your organization and give them a reason as to why the visitor should explore further. Try to replace chunks of huge text with bullets, colour and images. Phone numbers and email addresses should be tested regularly. 

Last but not the least, make little use of pop-ups on your mobile site and do not use big pop-ups that can block the content behind. 

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