Friday, 28 October 2016

Publish content at the right place and at the right time

Great bloggers know how to publish their content in the right place and at the right time. It is important to identify which post deserves to see the light of the day and which post needs to be kept on hold until the time is suitable. They also know the medium where the particular piece of content will do better, be it their own blog, or on a site like LinkedIn. They know the art to constantly balance, weigh different options, juggle several content pieces and hence make better business decisions.

Content scheduling
Content scheduling

To be a great blogger, you need to be a great decision maker and decide on the content where it can reach your target audience. Also you have to decide whether the time is right for the content to be published.

Let’s consider some factors that can help you determine content placement.

  • Target the right niche
    Being a blogger, you need to find out how well a post will perform on third party sites which specializes in a particular niche compared to your own. This is because many at times, readers devour particular type of content that their own blog may not contain as they deal in some different kind of business.
  • Choose the right type of content This plays an important role to consider the type of content, it can be in the form of visual content, blog, infographic, long form articles, predictions, and PPTs. While visual content is best suited for social media platforms, blogging is best for guest posts.
  • Set the right tone The tone of the content decides the place where it should be published. Something thought-provoking or a controversial piece will be suitable for publishing on LinkedIn, and other active communities and forums to garner more views for your post.
  • Content timing  People search for the recipe of cakes and pie all through the year, but that doesn’t mean you write about it in the month of February. Hence timing is not just important but absolutely necessary. Many bloggers are stuck in a rut and fail to understand the importance of dynamics of timing and content. 

No matter how great your content piece is, or how much effort you have invested in writing it, the ultimate result of your post is sealed by the time and the place you publish it. So its time to revisit your strategies and make wise decisions to effectively market your content.

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