Thursday, 3 November 2016

Looking to assemble a Content Team? Watch out some ‘must’ have personalities

Today’s marketers are struggling of not having enough of the right set of people in their content team. Based on the statistics, almost 40% of B2B marketers feel that HR is accountable for delayed success in content marketing, and 22% blame lack of education and training.
Planning, developing, executing, and measuring a content marketing plan can prove to be difficult even under the best of circumstances, particularly when you don’t have the capacity of adequately staffed team. In a situation like this, even the most well-conceived content marketing plan can struggle.
Content Team
Content team

Hence it is not just important but absolutely necessary to have the right roles defined and fulfilled by the people who can execute them the best. Based on the requirements, we’ve identified eight personalities that can strengthen your content team. You will notice that the skill sets we are talking about are possessed by many with the same qualifications, namely an ability to meet deadlines, task-specific marketing knowledge and good communication skills.
Get more detailed outlook about these personalities below as they will help bring your content strategy to fruition.

1) The Overseer
The taskmaster or overseer is your project manager, the one who is responsible for the successful execution of your projects and campaigns. The taskmaster should be proactive, creative and prompt. This person has the onus of getting stuff done.

2) The Thinker
Writing well is definitely important but this person should also be agile enough to put the opinion in different voices and tones, based on your content requirements. This person should bring your ideas to life through language. Being the content head, the person is expected to deliver compelling work quickly. Like rest of the team, he too should be assigned a deadline to keep deliverables on track.

3) The Moving Webster
While the wordsmith/ the thinker add zeal to the content, the grammar geek is a sound editor who makes your brand stand out. The person is responsible for consistency and quality across all channels.

The role becomes even more important because anyone browsing your content will be distracted if you are publishing content that contains grammatical errors. There are high chances of losing sales and business. For some businesses, a single typo was speculated to result in almost 80% drop in sales.

4) The Artist
One of the strongest qualities that is expected from any content developer is someone who can turns ideas and raw data into beautiful visuals. Infographics, logos, and collaterals – both online and print must adhere to brand style guidelines.

5) The Social Bug
In today’s world of social networking, it is absolutely important to be active on social channels. The person is in charge of content distribution, promotion, and amplification on various platforms. They must possess the affinity for social media and branding and enjoy interacting with people online. You know never they can be leads.

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