Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Quick tips on how to create successful content

Creating successful content isn't that easy! It takes a lot of time and effort to put in 'unique' strategies in place. As we all know producing content is vital for SEO and marketing, let's look at some of the ways to create meaningful and engaging content.

There is a huge gap between doing effective keyword research and providing words or a video on a page that can add value enabling people to share content on various channels. On a daily basis, we do see a lot of bad content on the Internet and that's exactly not what we want to create or see. All we want is spreading shareable content on multiple platforms and spreading marketing message of your brand.

We create a lot of content and based on research, we can also identify what makes content successful. Let's have a look at some of the characteristics.

Emotional Connect

Despite the fact that overall content marketing adoption, production and budget has been a significant improvement, relatively little progress has been made in terms of quality. Marketers are facing a tough time to produce the type of content that is engaging and connect to customers emotionally. Creating emotional content is vital as it implies that when your visitor lands on a page there is some emotional connection to the content they are reading.

Website Content
Website Content 
We have also found that positive emotions get shared more quickly than negative emotions. If you are talking something good, if you have content that enables people, or it shows you all the riches of the world and fulfils your life, you're more likely to be successful.

Serving Purpose

Creating useful content with speed, and without compromising on quality and volume is sure to get a lot of mileage. Brands need to understand the difference between content marketing and advertising. Content marketing is about being helpful and providing resources to customers by giving them what they are looking at every stage of their buying journey. We like content that adds value and helps you solve some of your business problems. The content should be such that it enables you and others to do useful things, and hence you feel it is worth sharing.

Perceived Value

Content is king! It is important that the content is good, but we can make it seem better and get the most mileage (value) out of it. It is an ongoing process and maintaining the quality is very much needed. With all this, social proofing is required. When you land on a particular page and you see those great social shares, tweets, Facebook likes, it seems more valuable than something that has no social proofing. And hence it's much more likely to be shared and spread among the community than content without shares.


We have seen many marketers creating excellent content, but not giving it enough visibility. It is simple! Make sure the content is at the top of your page or putting it on your homepage. It is necessary to highlight your best content on your sidebar and then putting in place marketing tactics like social outreach/networking, asking your contacts to share your content, and much more.

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