Friday, 18 November 2016

How Visual Content can Increase Conversion Rates

The wrong visual content can sometimes kill conversions much quickly the same way as the right visual content can increase them. Many brands make use of custom visual content and hence their chances of conversion are much higher than those that don't. There are many ways through which visual content can increase conversion rates and since they are so sharable, you can effectively use them on social platforms to explain your product's benefits and features. You can showcase your offers, functional content with better images. It is not strange that the right visual content can increase conversions, but only when used in the right direction. Let's talk about unique ways to use visual content to increase conversion rates.

1) Experimenting with video

Product videos can play a huge role to improve conversion rates as consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video that gives them a heads up. With faster internet speed, loading these videos is no more a pain. Videos are gaining momentum and quickly becoming the favourite way to get information. Having said that, it may sound simple, "Video = Conversions." It can work wonders only with the right placement, such as the hottest area of your product page, such as next to product images or call to action tab. If given prominent positions, visitors can stay longer, engage more, and buy more.

Coming to the next question, what should these videos be about? Examine what your customers like and dislike. Mostly they don't want to spend time reading a lengthy product description. Based on the research, most of the web visitors only read 25% of text. So it's wise to show how the product works and how effective it can be for you and your business. It should be realistic and accurate leading to more realistic expectations.

2) Brief people how to use your product or service

Today there are multiple ways to show how a product works, even in the absence of video. For instance, virtual product tours can immensely help if done correctly. Product tours are mostly available after a product has been purchased but pre-purchase product tours can act as powerful conversion platform.

3) Pinterest 

If your large clientele is female, Pinterest can show powerful results but it may not work for everybody. You don't need a visually appealing product to get attention on Pinterest. All you need is just visually appealing and genuine marketing. Pinterest could be a game changer for your conversion depending on your product and audience. Almost 19% of active users say they make a Pinterest-inspired purchase every month.

4) Integrate social with the rest of the content 

Try curating social proof with Twitter and Instagram, it helps! It can be very persuasive in terms of making a purchase decision. Many say they've made a purchase because of a tweet from an influencer talking a product or a service. The trick is to curate the tweets about your brand.

So how does social proof work? It is a general tendency of consumers to believe the reports of other consumers, like themselves, instead of depending on marketers. Seeing other people report behaving favorably for a product, removes fears and doubts, and that leads to more conversions.

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